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A semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hairlike strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows. Results typically last 1-3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle.  Best for people with tight skin and small pores.  Better for people with dry and normal skin.  Not the best technique for people with extremely oily skin or people who bleed.

Powder Brows

No hair strokes are placed.  Looks very soft and misty.   A thousands of tiny little dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a color and a defined shape.  Lasts longer than Microblading.  Great for all skin types.  Best option for people who bleed and who desire the most coverage possible.

Ombré Brows

Ombré shading is the newest trend in eyebrow semi-permanent makeup.  It gives a soft shaded brow pencil look.  Once healed, it is more natural looking than solid color.  It gives great definition and depth to the brows.

Lip Blush

Defining lips by adding the slightest amount of color can brighten your appearance!  Semi-permanent lip color, lips can be made to appear slightly or dramatically fuller and more youthful.  Lasts about 2-3 years on average before it's mostly or completely gone.  Most people will get a touch up around once per 12-18 months, depending on desired look.

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